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SO. Admin X was rewatching this particular fancam (because its the cutest thing ever) when she came to a realization. The whole thing was improvised. In her fan account, Paisley mentioned that security very firmly said that she was not allowed to touch either Changmin or Kyuhyun. She also went on to say that when Kyuhyun took her hand, she didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to get in trouble, but Kyuhyun was persistent and pulled her hand towards him. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but right before Kyuhyun bent down, he has a particular look on his face. Like he had just come to a spur of the moment decision. In other fancams, you can see Changmin watching Kyuhyun before he also bends down on one knee.

If you notice, after Kyuhyun and Changmin stand up and continue singing, Kyuhyun gives Changmin a very meaningful look and then looks at Paisley’s hands in her lap. Right after that, he points to her hands (again looking at Changmin) and then he picks up her hand again and Changmin quickly does the same. Kyuhyun is also the first to begin gently pulling Paisley out of her chair as well as instigating the hug between all three of them.

(I can assure you, Paisley had no idea until just now. She is currently freaking out n___n)

Admin A, what do you think?

-Admin X

Admin A thinks that if this wasn’t improvised then she will eat her hat. And she rather likes this hat.

xoxo Admin A