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Just The Way You Are | Changmin & Kyuhyun | SMTOWN World Tour III

(Source: hyuncafe)

Just The Way You Are | Changmin & Kyuhyun | SMTOWN World Tour III

(Source: hyuncafe)

Korean Name?

Who is 정 지율?  Is that a made up Korean name?

That is the Korean name that Paisley has chosen for herself :3 Basically, its just her Korean name.

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Kyuhyun indicating the hand holding and directing the hug toward Changmin

I just thought this was really sweet of both of them ^^

<3 <3

wishiwasdeactivated sent: Is it possibly possible you can tell this girl that i absolutely LOVE HER FOR WEARING A FREAKING DB5K BRACELET AND LETTING CHANGMIN SEE IT?! seriously? please tell her. xD

Of course! Now that I think back on it, it was pretty amazing adhsjdbghj OT5 FEELINGS

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nan-neorago sent: This is just a random question and I'm not sure if it's been asked before. Would Paisley be able to say about how tall Changmin is?

Paisley says “about 6’4”? 6’5”? I think 6’5”, he’s really tall.” I checked his ~official~ height which says he’s roughly 6’1” but Paisley says he felt a lot taller than that. 6’5” is about 195 cm and his official height of 6’1” is 185 cm :3

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EDIT: Paisley thought it over and said that Changmin felt closer to 6’3” or 6’4”

vanychateau-deactivated20130606 sent: I'm so happy for you!.. you were so respectful and kind and sweet to them, especially with Changmin <3. Thanks for be a very good representative of cassis!... Love from Chile.. And also I'm so happy that you be so thankful to God of this amazing oportunity!... God Bless U <3 I read that you are a so big fan of TVXQ.. I have a question... Is true than the HOMIN (TVXQ2) is down ... I mean they would be losing support from their fans in Korea and Japan? I'm asking because I'm a new fan. :D

I’m sure Paisley appreciates your kind words :D While TVXQ (HoMin) now have fewer “official” fans (as in, registered fans) in Korea, they still have a very large influence and far reaching fame. As for their support in Japan, I’d say that hasn’t changed too much, partly due to the fact that they are currently focusing their attention on promoting in Japan at the moment (not to mention their recent successful tour in Japan). If you have any more questions about TVXQ (any of the 5 members), you can check out the tumblr tvxq-faq.

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buffalexo sent: Thank you for clearing all this story ! To be perfectly honest, KyuHyun to me is like ChangMin to you x), so i was a bit disapointed seing how you "treated" him. But now i know that he perfectly knew your favourite and just let you go. Anyway, i felt like crying reading this srly XD But i didn't get one thing : were you in the pit or in the stands ? :o Bless you ♥


Paisley had floor seats, which is equivalent to “pit” seats. I’ll be sure to pass your sentiments along to Paisley :D

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Thank you so much! Click here for the ebay link (I might have to buy one for myself hmmm).

Oh my gosh! I had NO IDEA that Junsu wore one in 3hree Voices! Thank you so much for this! Now I kinda want to buy one of each n___n Here’s the link for the post on Sharing Yoochun :D (Sharing Yoochun is a fansite of all 5 members of TVXQ for those of you who don’t know n__n of course, as I’m sure you can tell, Yoochun is their favorite).

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hell-uh sent: Do you know where she got it, and if it's still available (the wristband)? thanks so much, you guys are all amazing and dedicated :) I'm glad that such a sweet and pretty girl had that chance :) !

I asked her and she says she doesn’t know. :( She got 2 sets, one of which came from somewhere in Australia, but it was so long ago and she doesn’t remember which website she ordered them from. Sorry, hun. :( If I ever do find a place that sells wristbands like that, I’ll be sure to let you know. :D

Thanks for your kind words. ^^

xoxo Admin A